Blue Orb has taken Value Education to schools through the “Poornata” program:

Poornata is an innovative, specialized and interactive philosophy that focuses on imparting values to children in
a fun and effective way. The module complements the efforts of parents and teachers to impart value education to
children through a creative and specialized methodology making learning impact-full, simple, fun and forever.

Poornata Learning Blocks

Our Building Blocks are aimed at developing and strengthening a young mind’s Intelligence, Emotional and Spiritual
Quotient. Our value education instills the foundations of ethical and cultural thinking in young people, enabling them to
take the right decisions in life. The power to make the right judgment builds courage, which in turn leads to the
development of an unclouded foresight and clarity of vision.

Philosphy behind Poornata

WIN - Work, Inspire and Nourish

Work the body

We need to appreciate this wonderful creation we live in – Our Body. We must be sensitive towards our body’s messages helping us to fuel it with the right food, exercise and love.

Here the sessions would help children tap into the innate power of their subconscious and assist them in becoming the authors of their lives.

Inspire the mind

The sessions here would include techniques helping children develop as holistic and benevolent leaders with sterling characters and sound minds. Helping children being passionate and maintaining a clear focus and being capable of taking suitable decisions.

Nourish the soul

Here the sessions would help children tap into the innate power of their subconscious and assist them in becoming the authors of their lives.

The 'Poornata' Module focuses on

Character Building

Instilling positive values in children, developing their physical, emotional and spiritual quotients contributing to character building.

Skill Building

Enhancement of skills through interactive storytelling, drama and certified mind and body exercises like Super Brain Yoga to facilitate skill building.


Personality Building

Personality building through development of leadership and interpersonal skills by means of team building sessions, positive self-imagery and confidence building tasks.

Experiential Community

Experiential Community Service through sensitizing the child on the need for the growth of a community as a whole.

Our Curriculum and Pedagogy

The 21st Century leader requires an education that focuses on all aspects of one’s being: the head, heart and hand. The Poornata programme is designed to expose students to understand and deeply engage with values in their daily lives. With weekly sessions facilitated, students are able to practice these values in their lives, where they become highly self-aware about their relationship with others, the environment and even themselves.

Our program allows students to:

Our Approach

All values are interrelated and we recognize that. Our unique approach focuses on an in-depth exploration of our core values in a year followed by a community engagement project (in the class, school, neighborhood etc.) based on the Design Thinking Approach. Every year, students deepen not just their understanding of a value, but also practice it in their daily lives. They then solve a real-life community challenge inspired by the values they enhanced in the year. Through engaging with values, our program allows for students to hone and nurture their character traits such as empathy, resilience, openness and kindness. This multi-dimensional educational model helps children use their heads, hearts and hands to live in sync amidst their daily challenges.

Our Pedagogy includes

Learning through visual experiences such as drawings and videos, learning through group activities such as games, role-plays, group discussions, group projects, Learning through stories and anecdotes, learning through self-reflection and practicing mindfulness.

How we do

Our Module manifests in the shape of expert-designed, youth-oriented value education programs to schools and conducts standalone workshops. The workshops are integrated with the school curriculum and custom-designed by Human Resource Experts for each school by a values expert with due consideration to the needs emphasized by the school management, teachers, parents and children.

Our Sessions are conducted by accomplished facilitators who use a unique combination of storytelling, drama, music and dance to build the character, personality and skill of the child.